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Cultural Impactor System (CIS) Course

  • Confirming Passion Area Training
  • Confirming Team Gifting Training (Spiritual Gifts/Personality Type) as well as leverage for 1 on 1 Bonding, Red Pilling & sharing God
  • Design Thinking Training
  • Agile ScrumMaster Training
  • Team formation with Design Thinking/Agile Practice
  • 5 Live Groups Training Sessions with Rick
  • Free IMPACTOR Community (2 Months)


Webinar Bonuses!

  1. An additional Live Group Training with Rick focused on Surviving the Holidays with your Crazy Family! (Bonding, Red Pilling & Sharing Your Faith)
  2. Free IMPACTOR-Shirt (Free shipping as well)
  3. Limited $200 discount (First 10 to sign up) 

Value of CIS   $5,256

Price to November IMPACTORS  $997 or 3 payments of $372

Webinar Bonus (First 10 to Sign-Up) $797 or 3 Payments of $297 

1 Payment of $797 ($200 off price of $997)
3 Payments of $297 (vs. 3 payments of $372)

Become an IMPACTOR

Become a Nov 2019 IMPACTOR!  Starting Tuesday, Nov 19.

Key Items You will discover in CIS (On-Line/Live Group Training)                       Value

  • Design Thinking Training (2 Day class comparison: $2,200)                           $2200
  • Agile ScrumMaster Training(2 Day ScrumMaster comparison: $1,200)        $1200
  • Confirming Spiritual Gifts/Personality Type (To Bond/Red Pill/Share God)    $500
  • Team formation with Design Thinking/Agile Practice                                         $500
  • Confirming Passion Area Training                                                                          $399
  • 5 Live Groups Training Sessions with Rick                                                            $399
  • IMPACTOR Community (2 Months Free)                                                                  $58

+  Free Bonus Items                                                                                             Priceless?  :-)

  Total Value                                                                                                                     $5,256


Hear from Tammy Bond-Campbell, Foundational Member of the Cultural Impact System

“I can tell you from personal experience that this course has brought me more revelation... in my personal life and in my business life and I really feel like I'm on a mission now to make an impact in this culture and I wouldn't have had that opportunity, I wouldn't have had that direction, I wouldn't have had the knowledge had I not joined this course”


Sharon Beseda, Foundational Memer

"The course helped to clarify my Team Gifting and Personality Type/Social Style... Before the course I didn't have a real vision or understanding of what it meant to have a certain Spiritual Gift, Personality Type or Social Style... (now) I understand how my gifts and personality strengths can be used in the greater whole for positive influences.

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